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manuscript - H.H. Godwin-Austen, Journal of a Tour in Assam, 26th November 1872 to 15th April 1873

caption: memos
caption: Dimapur temple
medium: tours
location: Dimapur
person: Godwin-Austen/ H.H.
date: 26.11.1872-4.4.1873
person: Royal Geographical Society, London
text: Dimapur Temple. The top of one pillar lying on ground 6ft x 5ft10" in diameter. No pillars exactly alike.
text: The highest stone standing all by itself to the West, & is 16ft8 high & 23ft in circumference. In one place the stone has a flaw & the pattern follows into the indentation. These stones were very certainly carved after being set up in the rough. Figures of the elephants, deer, dog, duck & peacock occur but no human form. The stone is sandstone of the outer hills & has weathered a greenish brown.
text: One pillar lying to SW 13ft long.
text: Direction of gateway wall. 175o. NE by N bearing of Temple from the isolated pillars. One intermediate about 50 yards from Temple.
text: Those pillars to the South are ruder & much older looking than the rest.
text: Silting up is to extent 2 1/2 ft at Dimapur.