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caption: extracts of a letter from a member of the survey party [Godwin-Austen]
caption: Raja denies right of British to territory east of Kohima
medium: tours
date: 24.1.1873
person: Godwin-Austen/ H.H.
date: 26.11.1872-4.4.1873
person: Royal Geographical Society, London
text: On the 24th Major Roma Sing came in with a letter from the Raja, of which the principal para said he was not aware the British Government had any territory east of Kohima and Kidima, villages in the Naga Hills district. The Major was asked again to say distinctly whether he would go on with Colonel Thomson with the Munipur guard and coolies, and he decidedly said he would not, nor should they. Under these circumstances, we lightened our loads, and prepared to leave them and some of our men behind, so that we could carry a few things of Thomson's, and enable him to go on without the assistance of the Munipuris. These things were to have remained with the Munipuri guard, but as soon as they discovered this was our intention, they said they were off back to Munipur. We then at the last moment determined to move everything from the Sikhami or Muniupur side of the boundary back to Kezakhenoma, and, obtaining Naga coolies out of the village near, marched for that place, left everything there, and went on over the Kopamedza range.