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published - 'Report of the Survey Operations in the Naga Hills 1875-1876' by Lt. R.G. Woodthorpe

caption: hostile intentions of Nagas
medium: tours
person: Ogle
location: Lakhuti
date: 24.2.1876
person: Woodthorpe/ R.G.
date: 1875-1876
text: 34. I went up again in the afternoon to the clearing, which had been progressing favourably. The working-party had also been visited by a large body of armed Nagas, who, finding the guard on the alert, retired again, saying they were looking for me to give me a fowl. There is no doubt that the villages all round, probably nine or ten, had combined to exterminate us, and that they divided their forces into two parties - one to attack the camp, and the other to massacre the working party on the hill. They had hoped to take us unawares at both places, and the hoolook cries we had noticed in the morning were probably signals to each other while assembling, as we heard nothing more of these animals during our stay in the neighbourhood. In the evening the clouds cleared, and the setting sun shone out brightly. I turned my mirror in the direction of Lakhuti, and was pleased to get an answering flash from Mr. Ogle at that place. This was exceedingly fortunate, as the point I had selected was not the one I had pointed out to Mr. Ogle from Nankam, as I found the latter could not be cleared without much loss of time, the whole range being densely wooded along its ridge. Mr. Ogle was looking out for a clearing on the highest point, and, but for this fortunate flash, might have overlooked the point chosen by me.