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published - 'Report of the Survey Operations in the Naga Hills 1875-1876' by Lt. R.G. Woodthorpe

caption: Appendix A. M.J. Ogle's report
caption: fear of corruption of young men by money; smallpox
medium: tours
ethnicgroup: Angami
location: Nakomi Iphonumi (Imphema) Ketsama Ungoma Runguzumi (Ronguzumi) Terocheswemi (Terocheswema) Sathazumi (Satazumi) Theropesimi (Teropetsima)
date: 28.12.1875-29.12.1875
person: Woodthorpe/ R.G.
date: 1875-1876
text: 12. On the 28th, we passed through Nakomi and Imphema. We remained in the latter village for about a couple of hours, waiting for our coolies to come up. The people were very friendly, freely exchanging fowls, vegetables, &c., for two-anna and four-anna bits; but the chief after a time seemed very anxious to get rid of us, gesticulating in a very excited manner for us to quit. The reason of this extraordinary behaviour, I understood, was the fear of raising the cupidity of the young men by our continued presence, who would in all probability disregard the distinctions of meum and tuum, some of them having appropriated coin for articles that were promised but never produced, but which, on the headman being informed, were always given up. This was the first Angami Naga village we passed through. We marched on to Ketsama, and halted there for the night. The Nagas of this place were very obliging; they offered us a large hut in the village if we chose to stay in it, and when we would not, they showed us where we could obtain water and assisted in getting up our camp. It was our intention to have gone through Ungoma and Ronguzumi; but as small-pox was raging in these two villages, we were obliged to make this little detour. On the 29th we passed through Terocheswema, skirted Zogazumi, went through Satazumi, left Yarabama to our right, and, crossing over a small stream, encamped about half a mile below Teropetsima.