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part of original tour diary of Lt. R.G. Woodthorpe 1876

caption: Submission and peace offerings of some Naga villages
medium: tours
location: Yekhum (Yekam) Wokha Little Changse Diyung R. (Doiang R.) Are Pangti
date: 24.1.1876
person: Woodthorpe/ R.G.
date: 1875-1876
person: Pitt Rivers Museum Archive, Oxford
text: Monday 24th.
text: (Rainy morning and showery evening. Fine night but several heavy gales blew after 2 a.m.)
text: Got up at 7. Camp all ready to start about 9. Yekam coolies came. Sent sick & panjied men by them back to Wokha. Brought 14 on with us to carry rice as far as Little Changse. Released all prisoners telling (7) them to behave better in future, and to come in to Wokha on our return there. They declared that they had had quite enough of fighting with us and that if ever we required assistance in smashing up any village they would come as our allies. At Little Changse we found huts & lines being constructed for us on the site of our last year's camp and the villagers were busily husking rice for us. We accepted the rice, fowls & eggs in token of submission and changing the Yekam coolies descended to the Doiang where we breakfasted at 1 p.m. Went on up to Are. Found it deserted. Sent coolies down to old camp and sat round fire in village. Our old friend whom I captured at Pangti turned up and after a little calling brought in a few of the villagers, others followed but were a little shy. Went down to camp about 5.30.
text: (In margin: Height of Doiang R. 1300. Height of Are 3,200. Camp = 3900.)