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part of original tour diary of Lt. R.G. Woodthorpe 1876

caption: Native gift and token of submission; preparation for next tour
medium: tours
person: OgleTrotterPeachey/ Mrs
location: Wanching (Tablung)
date: 5.2.1876
person: Woodthorpe/ R.G.
date: 1875-1876
person: Pitt Rivers Museum Archive, Oxford
text: Saturday 5th.
text: (Very fine all day but hazy. Height of camp 4060/3950 4005. Min = 40o.)
text: Up early and went up to hill. Put up mark. Saw Ogle's camp down at river. Do not understand his halting there today as it was not 12 when I saw the camp all pitched. Got back at 1. Found a fine methun (sic) had been brought in as a present. Refused to take so much as we do not come to loot. Accepted a spear in token of submission. After breakfast arranged stores for our next trip. Wrote to Chief. Dinner. After wrote to Trotter anent [sic] the appointment of European doctor, also to Treasury Officer Samaguting. Saw death of Mrs Peachey in Pall Mall.