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part of original tour diary of Lt. R.G. Woodthorpe 1876

caption: Hunting; a difficult march without local guides
medium: tours
person: Tulloch/ Col
location: Dikhu R. (Tzela R.) Ungri (Unrurr)
date: 14.2.1876
person: Woodthorpe/ R.G.
date: 1875-1876
person: Pitt Rivers Museum Archive, Oxford
note: SEE undecipherable word
text: (33) Monday 14th.
text: (Cloudy morning with a few drops of rain. Sunny in middle of day. Threatening and a little rain at night. Very gusty during night. Height of Tzela R. 1210/1200 M = 1205. Min = 54o.)
text: Up at daylight. Started about 6.50. I went out on last night's road and about 1 mile further. Got in a lot of work. Shot a perguma, not badly. Made it over to sepoys and it fell promptly into a SEE tree and we had to expend another cartridge on it. Got back about 10 to village and 11.30 to river. Found Colonel and all the coolies there. Had a swim and breakfast. No guides had come in so we could not find the road. Cut our way up to spur. Started at 1 and got to spur about 4. Cut our way along it. Found tracks of old road and got into regular road about 6.30. Came slowly up in dark to village, Unrurr. Got there 7.30. Saw coolies through and came down to our old camping ground about 9 p.m. Bath. Dinner about 10. In bed 11.30.