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part of original tour diary of Lt. R.G. Woodthorpe 1876

caption: Another false alarm due to Nagas' eagerness to trade; reunion with Ogle and Hinde's party
medium: tours
person: Tulloch/ ColOgleHinde
location: Wokha Mt. (Thebzothu Hill) Lungla Yimkha (Imikagami) Wokha
date: 5.3.1876
person: Woodthorpe/ R.G.
date: 1875-1876
person: Pitt Rivers Museum Archive, Oxford
note: SEE kutelan
text: (55) Sunday 5th.
text: (Fine morning, cloudy afternoon with rain. Wet night. Road fairly good all way. Steep only at crossing Thebzothu Hill. Lungla at 9 a.m. 78 houses 3510/3400 M = 3455. Imikagami at 9.30 150 houses 4960/4750 M = 4855. Wokha camp at 9 p.m. 5000/4750 M = 4875. Min = 50o. Max = 78o.)
text: Awoke at 4 a.m. by hearing sepoys telling the Colonel that large numbers of Nagas were collected near the sentries. Went up to see. Found they had lighted fires and were offering kutelan SEE etc for sale. They were without any weapons. I don't know why they were so eager to begin trade so early. Got guides and marched into Wokha across the hill. Got here about 1 p.m. and found Ogle and Hinde had arrived about two hours before and very glad to hear their news that they had been faring well. Found daks here. Read letters during afternoon.