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published - Chapter II, 'Detailed Report on the Naga Hills Expedition of 1879-80', Capt. P.J. Maitland

caption: establishment of post at Samaguting
medium: reports
person: Bogchand
ethnicgroup: Angami
location: Samaguting Mezema (Mozima)
date: 1847
person: Maitland/ Capt. P.J.
date: 1880
person: India Office Library, London
refnum: IOR L/MIL/17/18/24
text: In the latter year the post of Samaguting was first established. It was intended to act as a check on the Angamis, and was under a Native Darogah named Bogchand. This man appears to have had much personal bravery, but little discretion. He conceived it his duty to interfere actively in tribal feuds, and he actually went to Mozima, -a powerful and turbulent village, -to arrest the leaders in some local affray. Bogchand and his party were surprised by the Nagas, "and he fell, pierced by spears, a victim to his folly, and belief in the prestige of a British policeman." (Memorandum on the North-East Frontier of Bengal, by Alexander Mackenzie.)