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published - Chapter III 'Detailed Report on the Naga Hills Expedition of 1878-80', Capt. P.J. Maitland

caption: Johnstone's attack on Phesama
medium: reports
ethnicgroup: Kuki
location: Phesama Japvo Mt.
person: Maitland/ Capt. P.J.
date: 1880
person: India Office Library, London
refnum: IOR L/MIL/17/18/24
text: While the field force was concentrated at Piphima, Lieutenant Colonel Johnstone's Kuki levies attacked Phesama, a village on a spur from Japvo, about four miles south of Kohima. They killed there, it is said, two hundred Nagas. This was in retaliation for the loss of some of their own men who had been cut up by Kohima Nagas from Phesama. No other operation was undertaken by the Manipur force after the relief of Kohima; but this is not to be attributed to Colonel Johnstone, who, it is understood, was anxious to attack Konoma on his own account without waiting for General Nation and the troops.