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published - Chapter IV 'Detailed Report on the Naga Hills Expedition of 1878-80', Capt. P.J. Maitland

caption: lack of telegraph lines
medium: reports
person: Nation/ Gen.
location: Kohima Golaghat Samaguting Nichi guard
person: Maitland/ Capt. P.J.
date: 1880
person: India Office Library, London
refnum: IOR L/MIL/17/18/24
text: Among the difficulties under which the expedition laboured was the want of a telegraph line any nearer to the scene of operations than Golaghat, six days post from Kohima. In October of the previous year the Chief Commissioner had urged the continuation of the telegraph to Samaguting, but the idea was not then favourably received. Since the commencement of operations, the Commander-in-Chief, feeling the disadvantage at which General Nation was placed, in being unable to make known his requirements, or report events, except after considerable delay, had, in conjunction with the Chief Commissioner, again pressed the matter on the Government of India. It was now ordered to be taken in hand, but the line was not opened to the Nichi guard of Samaguting till about the 22nd February.