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printed - Tour Diary of the Deputy Commissioner, Naga Hills 1870 (John Butler) volume one

caption: Nagas who had migrated to the plains assured of protection
medium: tours
ethnicgroup: Samoogootmgeeah
date: 8.1.1870
person: Butler/ John
date: 5.1.1870-30.3.1870
note: inaccurate spelling in the original text
text: 8th January, Saturday. Rode out early this morning and visited a small colony of 9 families of Samoogootmgeeah Nagas who have lately migrated to a spot close to Mohung duzooah. They seemed contented and happy and expressed their intention of staying there after having first asked me whether I was really going to remain permanently among the Tengeemahs adding that if I was not, they must return to Samoogooting for they would most certainly be killed by the other Nagas if they stayed down in the plains where they were without any means of defence. However I assured them they need have no fear as for the future they would always have a Sahib living among them to look after their welfare.
text: Moved camp to day to Deesahmah a distance of about 10 miles of uncommonly bad road through the usual forest jungle. The surface of the ground is however much more undulating, at times almost assuming the proportions of small hills.
text: Held office in the afternoon and disposed of several petty petitions on the revenue side.