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printed - Tour Diary of the Deputy Commissioner, Naga Hills 1870 (John Butler) volume one

caption: entering the Rengma Hills; difficult terrain
medium: tours
ethnicgroup: RengmaMeekir
date: 11.1.1870
person: Butler/ John
date: 5.1.1870-30.3.1870
note: inaccurate spelling in the original text
text: 11th January, Tuesday. I started this morning about 8 a.m. and passing through Koongjonng entered the Rengma Hills, the road leading up through a long valley and then crossing the crest of the first range a succession of ascents and descents brought us at about 5 p.m. to the Meekir village of Kaeegaon. The road was one of the worst I have ever had the misfortune to travel on, at times a mere trace through forest and dense jungle, at others wading through water up to our knees along the bed of a stream. Twice we lost our road notwithstanding the precaution I had taken of having a guide with us. Often we had to creep along bending our backs until they ached under overhanging masses of bamboos or force our way through long grass which met over our heads and the long oat like seeds of which managing to get into our clothes caused great irritation. It is rather difficult to say how far we have come to-day but I should think the distance must be over 16 miles at the least.