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printed - Tour Diary of the Deputy Commissioner, Naga Hills 1870 (John Butler) volume one

caption: holiday to celebrate Butler's arrival; complaints about Manipoori troops; request to aid Suniemah khel, Khonomah, against Mirimah khel; population of Kohima - counting clans
medium: tours
person: Dhopoole/ of KhonomahVeepomi of KhonomahSuniemah khel/ KhonomahMirimah khel/ KhonomahPoachatzoomah clan/ KohimaDhakhootzoomah clan/ KohimaChatronomah clan/ KohimaHapoomah clan/ KohimaChirramah clan/ KohimaLezitzoomah clan/ Kohima
date: 12.2.1870
person: Butler/ John
date: 5.1.1870-30.3.1870
note: inaccurate spelling in the original text
text: 12th February, Saturday. To-day having been declared by the Pinmahs to be a general holiday in honour of my arrival (as they informed me) the camp was thronged from early morning until long after sunset and I was occupied nearly the whole day in receiving deputations not only from Rohumah but also from every village in the neighbourhood even villages two days march from this sent in their representatives who presenting me, some with spears, others with fowls, rice and etc., proceeded to detail all their grievances the chief of which were complaints against the Manipoories who from all accounts appear to have been in the habit of marching a large force into the country at uncertain times and raising as much both [sic] as they were able to lay hands on returning with their illgotten booty carrying nothing further and this is an illustration of the "good Government" exercised by the Maharaja and so much handed [sic] by Dr. Brown.
text: I was rather amused at receiving another visit from Dhopoole and Veepomi of the Suniemah khel of Khonomah who came up no less than three times in the course of the day each time declaring they had something new to tell me and each time although commencing their oration with something fresh ever ending with the same old story - "Would I not aid them in an attack on the Mirimah khel" and although I repeatedly told them that I would certainly not interfere in any way to avenge their private quarrel by destroying a clan that had never harmed me yet it would not surprise me at all to have the whole question brought up again to-morrow for these savages never seem to be able to take a refusal and for down right stubborn importunity I will back a Naga against all comers.
text: In the afternoon I walked over the village and with the aid of any Dobashas managed to count the houses in each clan which I found to be as follows:-
________________________________________________----- which at 5 souls in each house makes the total population of Kohimah to be 4,325 or say in round numbers 4,500 souls a number I believe to be rather under than over the mark.