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printed - tour diary of the Deputy Commissioner of the Naga Hills for the year 1870-1872 (John Butler) volume two

caption: to Dimapur then Borpathar; new medical officer halted on his way to Samaguting by coolies bolting
medium: tours
location: Dimapur Barpathar (Borpathar) Samaguting
date: 14.12.1870-16.12.1870
person: Butler/ John
date: 22.11.1870-17.2.1873
note: inaccurate spelling in the original text
text: 14th December, 1870, Wednesday. Having received intimation from the Commissioner that he would lie at Golaghat on the 20th instant where he hoped to meet me I made over temporary charge of the office to the Assistant Commissioner and marched to Dimapur.
text: 15th December, Thursday. Marched to Hurreojan.
text: 16th December, Friday. Marched to Borpathar. Here I found Mr. Cooper (who is proceeding to take over medical charge of Samaguting) and his family halted for want of carriage; all the Golaghat coolees had bolted. With considerable difficulty I managed to procure 28 men for him and I trust he will now meet with no further delay.