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printed - tour diary of the Deputy Commissioner of the Naga Hills for the year 1870-1872 (John Butler) volume two

caption: cloths given to chiefs of Mozemah
caption: offer to mediate in feud in Khonoma
medium: tours
person: RhitzoRichaleNiphooMema RamMerhama clan/ KhonomahSamamah clan/ Khonomah
location: Mozemah Khonomah
date: 4.12.1872
person: Butler/ John
date: 22.11.1870-17.2.1873
note: inaccurate spelling in the original text
text: 4th December, 1872. Received a visit from the Penmahs and after a long palaver presented Rhitzo and Richale with a cloth and Rs.10 a piece and Niphoo with a cloth too at which they all appeared extremely pleased.
text: I did intend to have marched back to-day to Piphumah but as I hear the Khonomah men have been fighting again (one of the Merhama men was shot 5 days ago) I have sent out Mema Ram to tell them that I am encamped at Mozumah and if they will lay their quarrel before me I will settle it for them, etc., etc. The Merhamah men have now lost 37 and the Samamah 40 men since war first broke out between these clans and I should like to bring this bloodshed to an end if possible.
text: As two Kukis have just arrived with my dak, the first I have received since leaving Samaguting, I take the opportunity of sending in my diary.