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printed - tour diary of the Deputy Commissioner of the Naga Hills for the year 1870-1872 (John Butler) volume two

caption: Shipvomah complain about British attack on their village to the Rajah
medium: tours
person: Tongal MajorBaloram MajorThomson
location: Shipvomah
date: 17.2.1873
person: Butler/ John
date: 22.11.1870-17.2.1873
note: inaccurate spelling in the original text
text: 17th February. This morning we received a visit from Majors Tongal and Balooram and the Rajah's Interpreter Gokool. In course of conversation they casually mentioned that the Nagas of Shipvomah, the village with which we had a fight and which they called Thaibong, had come in to complain to the Rajah and as they stated they were outside, Thomson at my suggestion, sent to have them called in, and very shortly three men alleged to belong to Thaibong or Shipvomah accompanied by two other Manipur Nagas came in. I may here mention that I had heard some days ago from our Naga Dobashas that a message had been sent across the hill to Shipvomah and other neighbouring villages by the Rajah's people ordering them to come in and so I was quite sure some little game was up and hence was not the least surprised at finding that the Rajah is now endeavouring to make it appear that I have not only been marching over Manipuri territory but have actually been wantonly devastating the land with fire and sword. After getting aid of the Manipuri Nagas, much to the disgust of the Majors, we sent for several of my Dabashas and began to converse with the Shipvomah men (or rather the men alleged to belong to).