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printed - Tour Diary of the Deputy Commissioner for 1873 (John Butler) volume three

caption: Thomson confirms that Manipuris had plotted to kill Butler and his men at Shipvomah
medium: tours
person: Thomson
location: Shipvomah
date: 23.2.1873
person: Butler
date: 17.2.1873-11.4.1873
note: inaccurate spelling in the original text
text: 23rd February. Nothing of importance occurred today beyond my receiving a demi-official from Thomson in which he says that he heard that "had I (Thomson) not accompanied you and the Survey Party when I did on the occasion of my guard and coolies deserting me, it was the intention of the Manipuries to have combined with the Nagas to have done you a mischief", a report in which I am afraid there is some truth. I am morally convinced some devilry was being hatched or why that queer rumour of our all having been murdered by the Nagas which was set afloat and reached Samaguting just about the very time we fell out with the Shipvomah men. However it is always very difficult to get to the bottom of these questions and so they are perhaps best left alone.