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printed - Tour Diary of the Deputy Commissioner for 1873 (John Butler) volume three

caption: Rajah agrees to cooperate; trip on Logtak lake; visit from the Rajah who asks that Thomson and Butler look after his interests with regard to the boundary; arrangements for continuation of survey
medium: tours
person: Thongal MajorBoloram MajorThomson/ Col.Hoting Mang Thado
location: Logtak Lake Thanga Mt. Imphal
date: 11.3.1873-13.3.1873
person: Butler
date: 17.2.1873-11.4.1873
note: inaccurate spelling in the original text
text: llth March. Received a visit from Thongal Major this morning who came to tell us that the Rajah had now determined upon doing all that he could to help us in completing the survey work and that he himself (Thongal) was going to accompany us.
text: l2th March. Having nothing particular in hand Thomson and I started off in six boats (dugouts) early this morning and by dint of going all day reached the foot of the Thanga, a mountain in the centre of the Lagtak Lake, about half an hour before sunset.
text: 13th March. Saw the sunrise from the summit of Thanga and was delighted with the view all round which reminded me much of Kashmere - in miniature of course - for the mountains round the Logtak dwindle into hills when compared with those round the Wooller. After an early breakfast we returned to Imphal.
text: This morning I received a visit from the Maharajah and I must confess I was at first very much disinclined to have any further personal intercourse with him after what had occurred, however as no actual rupture had taken place between us personally and as I knew that all that had been done in the Rajah's name had really been done by Messrs. Boloram Major and Lamapa Dewan (arcades ambo) from whose counsels even. (Thongal Major had held aloof) I though it best to let thing take their course and so met the Rajah much as usual, but determined that I would not allude to the boundary matter. However it was not very long after we had taken our seats that the Rajah himself started the subject and made me a long speech to the effect that he wished to leave the whole matter of his rights in the hands of Colonel Thomson and myself and that he hoped I would now give his cause all the support I could etc., etc. To all of which I simply bowed and gravely added "Rajah Saheb all I had to say regarding the matter of your rights and the boundary question I said to you at our first interview and I have therefore nothing further to add now", at which he simply smiled and then asked us when we wished to leave and on our saying that all our arrangements were made for an early start tomorrow he said that it would be impossible to arrange for Thomson's escort and supplies etc., in so short a time. We then reminded him that he had already had five days in which to prepare and after a further discussion we finally settled that Austin and the Survey Party should proceed on tomorrow as originally decided upon and that Thomson and I should start on the 17th and catch them up in two days by making double marches, and shortly after this the Rajah took his leave evidently rather crest fallen, and no wonder considering how utterly all his efforts to frustrate and defeat our attempts to carry on the survey work have failed. Immediately after the Rajah's visit I despatched the following telegram to the Commissioner.
text: Government orders (Telegram) conveyed to Rajah by Thomson personally on 10th instant. Received a personal visit from Rajah himself today. Rajah now consents to everything so we make fresh start for watershed on 17th, every reason to anticipate satisfactory result but shall not return to Samaguting probably before end of April.
text: By the way I must not forget to mention that Hoting Mang Thado has most cordially responded to my call for fresh coolies and has sent them in with a polite message that he has done all he can for me; and considering the lateness of the season and the distance (over 5 days journey) from which these men have had to come I think it speaks extremely well for them and clearly shows the light in which they look upon us. An act of this kind is worth any amount of fair words and speaks for itself.