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printed - Tour Diary of the Deputy Commissioner for 1873 (John Butler) volume three

caption: heavy rain compels halt
medium: tours
person: Ogle
location: Leishan (Laisen)
date: 21.3.1873-23.3.1873
person: Butler
date: 17.2.1873-11.4.1873
note: inaccurate spelling in the original text
text: 21st March. Having had heavy rain all last night and the greater part of today we decided upon halting where we were. However its miserable work pent up on the terraces of a narrow valley about 30 yards across with the whole camp ankle deep in mud. Thongal Major has gone on ahead to Khantak in order (as he says) to arrange about russud.
text: 22nd March. We had heavy rain again the whole of last night and on and off the whole of today and so have been compelled to halt again. Mr Ogle however has left us to take up a trigonometrical station on the other side of the valley notwithstanding the rain.
text: 23rd March. Rain again and thick misty clouds on all the hill tops compelled us to halt again today. We seem to be in for a week of this wretched weather. However we must make the best of it for it is unfortunately indispensable that the survey obtain bearings from the station on the hill close to Laisen and about two miles from camp and until the weather clears a bit it is quite impossible to do so, and we must therefore stay where we are until it does.