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printed - Tour Diary of the Deputy Commissioner for 1873 (John Butler) volume three

caption: to Paowi; Manipuris build fine house for the Major and wretched huts for the survey party, but Butler insists on exchange; thana set up by Manipuris ordered to be removed
medium: tours
person: Thongal MajorThomson
location: Siruhi (Shiroi) Mekromi Paowi
date: 31.3.1873
person: Butler
date: 17.2.1873-11.4.1873
note: inaccurate spelling in the original text
text: 31st March. Returning through the Shiroi and Mekromi (or Phangau) we moved camp today to Paowi or Mezemi. The Manipuries had built a capital house for the "Major" just over a glorious spring of water which came out of the hillside in a regular stream as clear as crystal, but had made two wretched little huts for us close to a dirty pool of rainwater, which they actually had the audacity to say was the only water to be got. However we could not stand this and as soon as we discovered the spring we effected an exchange of huts.
text: Paowi is a long straggling village particularly well placed. I visited the Thana consisting of a few miserable huts which looked as if they had not been put up more than a month ago. The huts were surrounded by a light fence of sticks about the thickness of a man's thumb. My attempts to obtain information out of the Nagas failed. They all declare they have been ordered neither to give nor to tell me anything whatever and not even to reply to any questions I may put to them.
text: I have had a long talk with Thomson and have asked him to order the Manipuri Major to withdraw this so called Thana at once agreeably to the orders of Government and this he has done, but the Major has asked for time to consider about it and promises to give his reply early tomorrow morning. I hope I am not going to have another business.