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printed - Tour Diary of the Deputy Commissioner for 1873 (John Butler) volume three

caption: report that Mao Nagas have attacked Maram and carried off cattle; Thomson investigating distribution of guns among Nagas; confirmation that Phunami took cattle from Maram; result of smallpox at Maram; report of Naga shot by survey party
medium: tours
person: OgleThongal Major
ethnicgroup: Mao
location: Maitaiphum Mao Maram Phunami
date: 6.4.1873-7.4.1873
person: Butler
date: 17.2.1873-11.4.1873
note: inaccurate spelling in the original text
text: 6th April. A short march this morning brought us down to the Barak below Maitaiphum (or Mekrithodzumi) where we found Ogle who had come in last night and Thomson too. The latter it seems went off towards the west and hence on through Samami or Gname.
text: Thongal Major reported to Thomson this afternoon that the Mao Nagas has just made a foray on the Marams and had carried away over 100 head of cattle.
text: Mr Ogle left us again to go to Maram Khulel.
text: 7th April. Halted. Austin went off to set up a trigonometrical station at Gnamai whilst Thomson and I went off to visit Maram Khulel to enquire into the truth of the Manipuri statement that they had got a Thana there as well as with regard to the guns served out to the Nagas. En route we met some Nagas who were returning with loads and on my asking them who they were they replied men of Phuzami (one of the Mao group). I then asked them if it was true that his village had just carried over a number of cattle from Maram and they replied yes that the men of Phunami (another of the Mao group) had done so on account of an old feud and that Maram had killed some 8 or 10 Phunami men last year, etc. etc..
text: On reaching Maram I was very much surprised to notice how many houses were gone and even those left appeared to have a neglected air about them. On enquiry I was told that this was due partly to a bad attack of smallpox from which the village had suffered as well as partly to the feud which had been carried on so bitterly between Mao and themselves. We found that was quite correct that 43 muskets had been served out and as regards the Thanna we found it to consist of some 20 Manipuri sepoys putting up in a Naga house.
text: In the evening Thomson told me that he had just heard from Gokul that a Naga had been shot at the neighbouring village of Thami by one of the survey classies, probably by accident. He has sent for the wounded man.