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published - extracts from 'Descriptive Ethnography of Bengal' on Nagas by E.T. Dalton

caption: Introduction
caption: Kingdom of Kamarupa or Kamrup; invasion from the north - Kachari, Chutia, Lahong and Mech; invasion from west and south-west - Ko'cch
medium: articles
person: Dalton/ E.T.
date: 1872
text: Their colonies gradually expanded into what was eventually known as the kingdom of Kamarupa or Kamrup; they occupied all the country that is now embraced within the confines of the British Empire in that direction, and they had fortified cities in advance of the existing British outposts, but their dynasty was overthrown by barbarians from the north, the hordes that gave birth to the Kacharies or Bodos, the Chutia, Lahong, and Mech whose chiefs became rulers of the country, but adopted the language and civilization which they found there. After seven hundred years of their rule, the country was invaded by a dark-skinned people, from the west and south-west, who overthrew the Kachari or Chutia dynasty in Lower Kamrup and established there the authority of their own chiefs. This dark-skinned people are the Ko'cch, who have hitherto, erroneously I think, been classed as belonging to the Lohitic or Indo-Chinese race. I believe the Ko'cch to be a branch of the great Bhuiya or Bhuniya family, whom I class as Dravidian.