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published - extracts from 'Descriptive Ethnography of Bengal' on Nagas by E.T. Dalton

caption: Section 6. The Nagas of Upper Asam
caption: religion: lack of belief in a divine power and no idea of heaven
medium: articles
person: Robinson
person: Dalton/ E.T.
date: 1872
text: I have no knowledge of the religious ceremonies of the Nagas east of the Dhunsiri. They have no temples and no priests, and I never heard of any form of worship amongst them, but I do not doubt that they sacrifice and observe omens like other tribes.
text: (41) According to Robinson they have " confused and faint ideas" of a divine power, which I understand to mean none at all, and they believe in a future state which, however, they consider must be just such an existence as the present one, showing great want of imagination on their part.