The Nagas

Hill Peoples of Northeast India

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published - extracts from 'Descriptive Ethnography of Bengal' on Nagas by E.T. Dalton

caption: section 7. Lower Naga Group. (1) The Nagas west of the Doyang River
caption: food etc: frogs, lizards, snakes, rats, dogs, monkeys, cats, rice-beer; drinking tobacco oil
medium: articles
person: Dalton/ E.T.
date: 1872
text: In regard to food they are truly omnivorous - frogs, lizards, snakes, rats, dogs, monkeys, cats, &c., are all delicacies, and an animal that has died a natural death is as acceptable to them as the best butcher's meat.
text: They drink daily quantities of rice beer, which is made of such consistency that it serves them for breakfast. Their use of tobacco is unique. They collect (10) the tobacco oil that is precipitated in the bowl of the pipe, and drink it mixed with water.