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published - extracts from 'Descriptive Ethnography of Bengal' on Nagas by E.T. Dalton

caption: Section 7. (2) - The Kukis
caption: physiognomy:
medium: articles
person: Reynolds/ H.J.
person: Dalton/ E.T.
date: 1872
text: There appears to be considerable variety in the Kukis of the Chittagong jungles. Some are represented as very dark, but a recent visitor to some of the tribes called Tipperahs, Mr. H. S. Reynolds, (Journal Asiatic, Cachar.) was struck with the fair complexion of those he saw, who were not darker than a swarthy European. He says they were like the Manipuris in physiognomy, but the greater part bore more resemblance to the Kasias, having strongly marked Mongolian features with flat faces and thick lips.