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published - extracts from 'Descriptive Ethnography of Bengal' on Nagas by E.T. Dalton

caption: Section 7. (2) - The Kukis
caption: villages: raja's house; stockade and fortifications; settling near cultivation; smoking and drinking; tobacco oil
medium: articles
person: Dalton/ E.T.
date: 1872
text: The village generally takes the form of a street with several rows of houses on each side. The houses have raised floors, and their size is regulated by the number of inmates. The Raja's house is, however, of exceptionable size, sometimes 150 feet long by 50 in breadth. When the dwelling places are all completed, they first stockade the Raja's house, then fortify the village, barricading all the approaches. Guard-houses are built at the barricades, where the young men watch and sleep at night. In their own country, as above mentioned, they love to build on the tops of hills as an additional defence; since their migration to Kachar they prefer to be nearer to their cultivation. In Upper Asam it is found that new settlers from the hills form large villages on first arriving, but afterwards take up, as permanent dwelling, detached farm-houses constructed in their cultivation.
text: The Kukis are great tobacco smokers, and have the same eccentric fancy for the oil of tobacco, that is a distinguishing feature of the Angami Nagas.