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published - extracts from 'Account of the valley of Munnipore and of the Hill Tribes' by Major W. McCulloch

caption: granaries used for storing valuables as well as grain
medium: articles
ethnicgroup: Koupooee
person: McCulloch/ Major W.
date: 1858
refnum: from: Selections from the Records of the Government of India, No. 27 (Calcutta) 1859
text: Besides their grain, all other articles of food, and their more valuable property, are kept in their granaries at a short distance from the dwelling houses. These granaries have the floors raised 4 or 5 feet above the ground, they are thatched like the dwelling houses, and have their floors and walls of bamboo matting. Their positions are usually well sheltered, and their doors are secured only by wooden bolts fastened outside, but though thus easy to be opened, a theft from a granary is almost unheard of.