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published - extracts from 'Account of the valley of Munnipore and of the Hill Tribes' by Major W. McCulloch

caption: dress and ornament; hairstyle
medium: articles
ethnicgroup: Koupooee
person: McCulloch/ Major W.
date: 1858
refnum: from: Selections from the Records of the Government of India, No. 27 (Calcutta) 1859
text: The Koupooee man ties a cloth round his waist, the end of which hangs down in front to conceal his privities, otherwise he is quite naked. The women on the other hand are well clothed after the fashion of Munniporee women but in coarser materials, and in the method of dressing their hair they also resemble Munniporee women. Of ornaments they are very fond, and they wear many until they are married. These consist of glass beads and brass ornaments on the arms, gold or silver ornaments I do not think exist amongst them. In their festivals, the men wear their peculiar ornaments of which the most prized are necklaces of a red pebble. A single stone of this sort is sometimes valued at five methins, but such (52) stones are usually heir looms and are sacredly preserved. The Koupooee men cut their hair short, and the more erect it is the more it is prized.