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published - extracts from 'Account of the valley of Munnipore and of the Hill Tribes' by Major W. McCulloch

caption: hereditary chiefs; taxes
medium: articles
ethnicgroup: KookieKhongjai
person: McCulloch/ Major W.
date: 1858
refnum: from: Selections from the Records of the Government of India, No. 27 (Calcutta) 1859
text: The tribes I have hitherto noticed have exhibited chiefs hereditary, but without any power. Amongst the Khongais this is not the case; their hereditary chiefs or hausas having a very considerable degree of power and receiving a revenue in kind, and in service from their subjects. The revenue exacted is not the same in all the divisions of the Thado race, but the yearly payment of a basket of rice by the head of each house is common to all, besides this, one of each litter of pigs, or brood of fowls, is in many villages taken by the Raja. Some have taxes on marriages, and on the sale of property as methins, and all on the produce of the chace (sic). If the latter be an elephant, its right tusk, or if smaller game a hind quarter goes to the Raja. The yearly service obligatory on the village is preparing a portion of ground for the Raja's cultivation, sowing, weeding, and reaping it. They also make his house and do many little jobs for him besides.