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published - extracts from 'Account of the valley of Munnipore and of the Hill Tribes' by Major W. McCulloch

caption: creeper used for fish-poisoning; timber
medium: articles
person: McCulloch/ Major W.
date: 1858
refnum: from: Selections from the Records of the Government of India, No. 27 (Calcutta) 1859
text: Another creeper affords them the means of catching fish by its poisonous or stupifying effects upon them when steeped in any stream they may have dammed up. Immense tracts are covered with bamboos of that sort which particularly suits the hill-man's cultivation; and this very useful plant is found of every variety. Of the cane, too, there are many varieties, and some are of prodigious length. Without the cane, the passage of the hill streams during the rains would scarcely be effectible. Timber trees are plentiful, but those only near the Cachar Frontier have any commercial value, there jarool, nagesur, cham, ana, toon are found. Besides these, in the mountains are found oak, fir, ash, walnut, teak and kha of which the last affords a black varnish different from the one before-mentioned. I could mention by their Munniporee names many other kinds of trees, but the doing so would convey no information of the species to which they belong, suffice it therefore to say, that there are many others which are much used in house-building, and are very durable.