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published - extracts on Nagas from 'Assam Administration Report'

caption: General Summary. Frontier tribes
medium: reports
date: 1882
date: 1883
text: 4. Frontier Tribes - Our relations with frontier tribes during the year have, with one exception, been of the most peaceful character. No difficulties have arisen with Bhutias, Akas, Daflas, Miris, Abors, Mishmis, Nagas, or Lushais. The frontier fairs have been well attended, and a fair trade appears to have been done at them. The posts of Bomjur and Nizamghat, on the Dibong, which were first occupied in 1881-82 in order to prevent the Abors from crossing that river and prosecuting their feuds with the Mishmis who live beyond it, were again held during the cold weather by a Military force and by Frontier Police. The Abors showed no disposition to dispute our determination to bar the passage of the river, and appear to have accepted the situation. An important step was taken with the object of cultivating better relations with these tribes in the establishment of the Political Officer at Sadiya, whose chief duty it is to make himself acquainted with the languages and politics of the races in that neighbourhood, and to cultivate their good-will. in Lushai-land, the scarcity which prevailed during the cold weather of 1881-82, and led to a considerable temporary emigration into Cachar, abated on the setting in of the rains; it was followed by a re-opening of their internecine quarrels, by cholera, and by emigration into Manipur; but no disposition to violate British territory was manifested, and the contending chiefs displayed some desire that the Deputy Commissioner of Cachar should attempt to settle their disputes.