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published - extracts on Nagas from 'Assam Administration Report'

caption: advance to Kohima
caption: Historical Summary - The Hills Districts
caption: decision to station a regiment permanently at Kohima; Wokha sub-division
medium: reports
ethnicgroup: Lhota
location: Kohima Wokha
date: 2.18811875
date: 1882
date: 1883
text: After the close of this, the twelfth and last expedition, the whole policy to be adopted in dealing with the Nagas was submitted by the Chief Commissioner to the Government of India, who in February 1881 finally decided that our position at Kohima should be retained, a regiment permanently stationed in the hills, and the district administered as British territory. Since that date the history of the district has been one of the progressive establishment of peace and good order, and the quiet submission of the Nagas to our rule.
text: The sub-division of Wokha, to which reference has been made, was first opened in 1875. The station is situated in the country of the Lhota Nagas, who are separated from the Angamis by the Rengmas and Semas. The village of Wokha had on several occasions attacked survey parties sent into the hills, and it was determined to occupy the site to secure our position there. The Lhotas have no connection with the Angamis, who do not pass through their country in visiting the plains.
text: The boundaries of the Naga Hills district, as now settled, were finally gazetted in July 1882.