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published - extracts on Nagas from 'Assam Administration Report'

caption: Chapter VII. Frontier Relations and Feudatory States
caption: Manipur; aid given to British Government in Naga war; role of Political Officer
medium: reports
person: Johnstone/ Col.
ethnicgroup: Kuki
location: Kohima
date: 1882
date: 1883
text: 204. ..... One of the most important events of recent years in the history of Manipur has been the loyal assistance rendered by the Maharaja to the British Government in the Naga war of 1879. It was the force furnished by him, and led by the Political Agent, Colonel Johnstone, which raised the siege of Kohima by the Nagas, and prevented a great catastrophe. In recognition of this service the Government of India bestowed upon the Maharaja Chandra Kirti Singh the dignity of K.C.S.I. Another series of events, which gave occasion for much correspondence, was the raids of certain Kukis known as Chasads on the Eastern frontier of Manipur territory. It was believed that these raids were abetted by the Shan Tsawbwa, or Chief, of Samjok in the Kubo Valley; and as there was much indefinateness in the frontier north of the Kubo Valley proper, as set forth in the agreement of 1834, it was determined by the Government of India to send a Commission to define and demarcate the boundary of Manipur in this direction. This task was accomplished in the cold weather of 1881-82, and the Burmese Government (who were invited to co-operate in the demarcation, but did not do so) have been informed that the boundary so laid down will be maintained by the Government of India. The raiding Kukis, who were favoured in their enterprise by the uncertainty of the frontier, have been found to be settled within Manipur territory, and some of them have been induced to move further in, and have thus been brought under stricter control.
text: The Political Agent in Manipur was till 1879 only partly under the control of the Chief Commissioner, with who he corresponded only in regard to matters connected with Assam and its frontier. On other subjects he held direct communication with the Foreign Department. In that year the Government of India decided to make him directly subordinate to the Chief Commissioner, who has thus now complete cognisance of Manipur political affairs. The post of Political Agent is graded among the Deputy-Commissionerships of the Assam Commission, and the officer holding it is nominated by the Chief Commissioner.