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published - extracts on Nagas from 'Assam Administration Report'

caption: punitive expedition to Sema village of Nungtang
caption: Nagas
caption: Relations with Tributary States and Frontier Affairs
caption: Longsa fined for head-taking
medium: reports
ethnicgroup: AoHatiguria
location: Ungma Longsa Borodubia Khensa (Khenza) Mubongchukit (Molodubia)
date: 24.1.1885-25.1.1885
date: 1884
date: 1885
text: On the 24th January, leaving his camp at Ungma, the Deputy-Commissioner proceeded with an escort of 50 men to Longsa. He crossed the Dikhu at an elevation of 1,800 feet, and proceeded by an excellent path to Longsa, at a height of 500 feet. A large unarmed crowd of no less than 1,000 men came out to meet him and attempted to conciliate the police sepoys by offering them pieces of sugarcane. The party marched right through the village, which is about one and half miles in length, consisting of one single street, the houses numbering approximately 2,000. The headmen stated that, in obedience to the Deputy-Commissioner's orders, they had proceeded to Ungma, but on their arrival, had been so terrified by the Ungma men that they returned without appearing before him. They further admitted that they had taken four heads from Borodubia and two heads from Molodubia, and stated that the cause of the feud was as follows:-
text: "Last year we had a quarrel with Khenza, and by mistake killed two Borodubia men. We told the Borodubia chiefs that we were sorry, and if they would pay up 20 cows we would not say anything about it. They declined, so we went this year, and took four heads, and on our return journey, meeting two Molodubia men, thought that we might as well take their heads."
text: In reply to the question "what right they had to demand a fine when the fault was on their side," they simply stated "our village is the more powerful." The fresh scalps were suspended to a clump of bamboos in the centre of the village. The Deputy-Commissioner fined the village 17 cows, 2 mithun, 86 daos and 20 spears, and this fine was made over on the morning of the 25th.