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published - extracts on Nagas from 'Assam Administration Report'

caption: Raid by Angamis on Shipvomi
caption: Naga Hills District
caption: Relations with Tributary States and Foreign Affairs
medium: reports
location: Khonoma Shipvomi
date: 2.1885
date: 1885
date: 1886
text: 28. In February a daring raid was committed by Khonoma and several other Angami villages in which the village of Shipvomi, just across the Manipur frontier, was burnt and several persons killed. Three Khonoma traders had been murdered, it was supposed, by men of Shipvomi; their bodies were brought in to Khonoma and the sight so exasperated the men of Khonoma that they started by night to avenge the murder, gathering force from other Angami villages on the way. As soon as the raid was reported, the Assistant-Commissioner set out with a force of frontier police to watch the passes and intercept the marauders on their return. In this way a number of men were arrested, information obtained as to the ringleaders and villages concerned in the raid, and a quantity of stolen property recovered. As the men of Khonoma failed to comply with the summons of the Deputy-Commissioner, a strong force of police was quartered on the village and the inhabitants disarmed.