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published - extracts on Nagas from 'Assam Administration Report'

caption: Naga Hills District
caption: Relations with Tributary States and Foreign Affairs
caption: Post and Telegraph
medium: reports
date: 1885
date: 1886
text: 30. The postal arrangements were the same as in the previous year. The Postal Department keeps up the Kohima-Golaghat line while the Deputy-Commissioner has charge of the Wokha tri-weekly and Manipur weekly daks. Since the despatch of troops via Manipur to the Kubo Valley, the dak between Manipur and Kohima has been made a daily one, i.e. messages clan be sent on any day of the week, whenever necessary.
text: The telegraph arrangements were also in the same state as in the previous year. Interruptions frequently occur on the Golaghat-Kohima wire, which has not yet been properly set up as a permanent line.