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published - extracts on Nagas from 'Assam Administration Report'

caption: Naga Hills District
caption: Relations with Tributary States and Foreign Affairs
caption: Impressed labour
medium: reports
date: 1885
date: 1886
text: 32. The labour question still remains in the same state in which it was described to be in the two previous years' reports. The Deputy-Commissioner's work of impressment was rendered doubly unpleasant owing to the excessive demand for coolies, consequent on the sudden removal of the 43rd Assam Light Infantry for service in Burma, the transfer of the 42nd in relief, and the breakdown of the Transport Department. Nearly the whole of the carriage used between Kohima and Nichuguard was supplied by the Deputy-Commissioner, who was forced to resort to strong measures to supply the necessary number of coolies, as the demand was made at a time when nearly every ablebodied Naga was at work in the fields. The Deputy-Commissioner writes that the Kukis come in crowds from Manipur and labour for the Public Works and Transport Departments, and that as they are by far the best coolies to be found in the district, every effort should be made to induce them to settle near the station.