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published - extracts on Nagas from 'Assam Administration Report'

caption: punishment of villages across the Dikhu river
caption: Naga Hills district
caption: Relations with Tributary States and Frontier Affairs
caption: destruction of Yajim and Chihu
medium: reports
person: McCabe/ Mr
ethnicgroup: NangtaAo
location: Yacham (Yajim) Chihu Ungurr Akhoia (Akoia) Sangtong
date: 1888
date: 1889
text: These two villages of the Nangta tribe had been guilty of frequent raids across the Dikhu against Ungurr and Akoia, two Ao villages lying opposite them, and Akoia in particular had been so harassed by them that the inhabitants had been obliged to abandon altogether their old village site and remove to a greater distance. Mr. McCabe took a party of 50 police across the Dikhu from Sangtong to punish these villages on the 17th April. He occupied Yajim without resistance, but on visiting Chihu on the following day his advance was resisted and the Nagas had to be fired upon, when the village was abandoned. An attempt was made the same day by a large body of Nagas upon Mr. McCabe's camp at Yajim which, however, was repelled without difficulty. In these two affairs the Nagas lost eight men killed. Both villages were subsequently burnt and large number of cattle were driven away. Neither village has given any trouble since this severe punishment and both have shown a disposition to be friendly for the future to their Ao neighbours. It is believed that several of the Nangta villages joined Yajim and Chihu in the attack made upon Mr. McCabe's camp at Yajim.