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published - extracts on Nagas from 'Assam Administration Report'

caption: punishment of villages across the Dikhu river
caption: Naga Hills district
caption: Relations with Tributary States and Frontier Affairs
caption: Levy of tribute by Tablang
medium: reports
person: McCabe/ Mr
ethnicgroup: Nangta
location: Wanching (Tablung) Tamlu Kanchang
date: 1888
date: 1889
text: During the last tour it was brought to the knowledge of the Deputy-Commissioner that Tablang had, contrary to the promises made to Mr. McCabe, again levied tribute from Tamlu and Kanchang. A visit was therefore paid to it from Tangas, and the offence being admitted, a fine of Rs.100 was imposed on the chief, which was duly realized. With a guard at Tamlu it is almost certain that there will be no further attempts by Tablang to levy tribute, and it may be hoped that the presence of this guard will also prevent further head-taking raids on our side of the river by any of the Nangta villages.