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published - extracts on Nagas from 'Assam Administration Report'

caption: I. The trans-Dikhu tribes
caption: Naga Hills district
caption: Relations with Tributary States and Frontier Affairs
caption: The Mazungs; effect of punitive expedition; attitude to theft from grave
medium: reports
person: Kangsu khel/ Mazung-JamiPelashi khel/ Mazung-JamiDavis/ Mr
ethnicgroup: Mazung
location: Changpu Noksan (Noksen) Litim (Litam) Mazung-Jami
date: 1889
date: 1890
text: Coming next to the Mazung tribe, the effects of the expedition in January 1889 have been most marked. Men of Litam, Yanu, Yarr, Laksotang and even Mazung-Jami have all been into Mongsemdi, the four first named to express submission, and the last to ask for intervention on the part of Government to put a stop to the fierce khel feuds which prevail in that village. These are said to have raged with great bitterness since the expedition, on account of the upper khel of the village, Changpu, having refused to take its share of the head of the unfortunate sepoy who was killed while the expeditionary force was encamped in Mazung-Jami from the two lower khels, Kangsu and Pelashi. It appears that besides the houses of the whole khel having been burnt down, several men and women of the Changpu faction have been killed in this internecine warfare.
text: The headmen of Noksen have repeatedly visited Mr. Davis at the sub-divisional headquarters at Mokokchang. The following account of a case which occurred between Noksen and Litam and was reported to the sub-divisional officer, will be of interest as illustrating the habits of these tribes:-
text: A man of Litam stole from the grave of a man of Noksen the dead man's dao and cloth. The name of the thief being known, his surrender, or in lieu of him, a large fine, was demanded by Noksen. On this the father of the thief who felt himself disgraced by his son's conduct, voluntarily offered to give him up. He was accordingly made over to the men of Noksen who forthwith knocked him on the head and threw his body into the jungle.