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published - extracts on Nagas from 'Assam Administration Report'

caption: Naga Hills district
caption: Relations with Tributary States and Frontier Affairs
caption: IV. State of Manipur
medium: reports
ethnicgroup: AngamiSopvoma
location: Makhel Viswema Mao Tapama
date: 1889
date: 1890
text: 34. Viswema. In November the Political Agent, Manipur informed the Deputy-Commissioner that the Sopvoma village of Makhel charged the Angami village of Viswema with having murdered a woman belonging to the former village some months previously. The Deputy-Commissioner proceeded to Mao and held an investigation, but the proof offered connecting Viswema with the occurrence was singularly weak and unsatisfactory and as the occurrence was alleged to have taken place two or three months before, close to a Manipuri thana, to the officer in charge of which it was at once reported, it is pretty certain that the fastening of the crime on Viswema was an afterthought. It is incredible that the Deputy-Commissioner should not have been at once informed if Viswema had really been suspected at the first, for all the alleged evidence connecting Viswema with the murder was in possession of the Manipur authorities from the very day following the occurrence, and was never added to. Viswema and the Sopvoma tribes not being on good terms, it is not unlikely the charge was a deliberately false one as regards the complicity of Viswema.
text: Tapama. A charge brought by Viswema against the Sopvoma village of Tapama of forcibly seizing a quantity of goods from some passing Viswema traders on the ground of an alleged infringement by them of Naga customs, which was reported to the Deputy-Commissioner in November, is still under enquiry by the Political Agent, Manipur. There was no other case of any importance during the year.