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published - extracts on Nagas from 'Assam Administration Report'

caption: Nagas on the Sibsagar frontier
caption: Nagas
caption: Relations with Tributary States and Frontier Affairs
caption: feuds
medium: reports
location: Bormothun Banchang Sangnyu (Changnoi) Langsang
date: 1890
date: 1891
text: Two internal feuds were reported during the year, (i) between Bormothun and Banchang, (ii) between Changnoi and Langsang. The following is a brief history of these feuds:-
text: (i) The men of Banchang raided on Bormothun and burnt a third of the houses in the village and killed four men. The Bormothun village in repelling the attack, also took off two heads. The cause of the raid is not quite clear, but there is evidently a feud of old standing between the villages which revived in consequence of certain complications.
text: (ii) On the death of the Chief of the Changnoi Nagas, his stepbrother succeeded him. The Chief of Langsang, a tributary village to Changnoi, out of jealousy, went one day to Changnoi and said to the Chief that he was not the proper man to be the Chief of Changnoi village. On this, an altercation took place between both the parties. A few days after, the Langsang Chief came with some 40 men and shot dead the Changnoi Chief by surprise while he was eating his evening meal. Although Langsang is a small village, the aid of four other villages has increased its power.
text: The Nagas of Kangsang, Bura Haimung, Changnoi, Salaju, Joboka, Khamloong, Longchang and Mulung paid their visits to the Deputy-Commissioner during the year.