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published - extracts on Nagas from 'Assam Administration Report'

caption: The trans-Dikhu tribes
caption: Naga Hills district
caption: Relations with Tributary States and Frontier Affairs
caption: Sangtam tribe.
medium: reports
person: Chatisun/ of ChariDavis/ Mr
ethnicgroup: SangtamAo
location: Mokokchang Chichami Chare (Chari) Sodomi Yehimi Longsa
date: 1890
date: 1891
text: Our relations with this tribe which occupies the tract of country immediately opposite Mokokchang have during the year been friendly. The frontier villages on both sides trade with each other.
text: The two cases mentioned by Mr. Porteous in his last year's report in which this tribe was concerned were disposed of during the year:
text: (i) Mokokchang accused Chatisun, of Chari, of poisoning a Mokokchang trader. To enquire into this case, Mr. Davis then subdivisional officer at Mokokchang, visited Chari in the middle of April. The village was fined 6 cows on the inhabitants refusing to produce Chatisun before the subdivisional officer. The fine was realised.
text: (ii) The Sema village of Chichami accused the Sangtam village of Sonto or Sodomi of murdering a man of their village. On enquiry, it turned out that the Chichami man had himself gone out to fight Sodomi with a war party from the independent Sema village of Yehimi. The case was therefore not taken up.
text: Longsa. The independent Ao village of Longsa was well behaved during the year.