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published - extracts on Nagas from 'Assam Administration Report'

caption: the Manipur revolt
caption: Manipur
caption: Relations with Tributary States and Foreign Affairs
caption: trial of the Senapati and others concerned in the revolt
medium: reports
person: Maxwell/ Maj. H. St. P.Aiyaparel/ Tangkhul GeneralLuang NingthaoNiranjan SubadarKajao ManipuriSenapatiAngao SinghMitchell/ Lt.-Col. St JohnZilla GumbaMelville/ MrMia Major
location: Myangkhang
date: 1891
date: 1892
text: "4. By the 23rd May the Tangkhul General, Aiyaparel, and Luang Ningthao, the ministers in the State, Niranjan Subadar, an ex-sipahi of the 34th Native Infantry, Mia Major, Commander of the Forces, Kajao, the actual murderer of Mr Grimwood, the public executioners, and the sipahis who escorted the British officers to execution, were in custody. These were all placed on trial before me, and the Tangkhul General, Niranjan Subadar, and Kajao Manipuri were sentenced to death, and the others to transportation for life.
text: The Regent, Senapati, and Angao Singh, the third brother, were tried before a special commission under the presidency of Lieutenant-Colonel St. John Mitchell, and the Senapati was sentenced to death, and the other two to transportation for life. The youngest prince, named Zilla Gumba, being a lad of 17 years of age, was exiled from Manipur.
text: Of these prisoners, the Senapati, Tangkhul General, Niranjan Subadar, and Kajao Manipuri were hanged, and the others were deported to the penal settlement of Port Blair. Eight men (seven Manipuris and one Naga) were placed on their trail for the attack on the Telegraph officers at Myangkhang, with the result that the Naga who actually killed Mr Melville was hanged, and the rest sentenced to transportation for the same offence.