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published - extracts on Nagas from 'Assam Administration Report'

caption: 1. The trans-Dikhu tribes
caption: Naga Hills District
caption: Relations with Tributary States and Foreign Affairs
caption: Naked tribe
caption: Yojim, Mongdi and Yampi group and the Mazung tribe. Head-taking
medium: reports
person: Davis/ MrDavis/ MrMuspratt/ Mr
ethnicgroup: Naked NagaMazung
location: Yangnia Yojim Mongdi Yampi Lungrung Santok (Sontak) Yampong Mazungjami
date: 1891
date: 1892
text: This tribe inhabits the country just across the Dikhu at the extreme north-east corner of the Mokokchang subdivision. Our relations with this tribe have continued to be friendly. Three cases of head-taking however were reported from these villages. Two of these cases occurred in the villages of Changken and Shishi. They are just across our frontier. The other case was one in which a women of the village of Yangnia was killed by some men from a village lying further back from our frontier. This case was reported at Tamlu and Mr. Davis, Deputy Commissioner, Naga Hills, was asked to interfere and put a stop to the feud, but he declined to have anything to do with the matter.
text: Proposals for the inclusion of the whole of the villages lying between the Yangnu and Dikhu rivers in the area of political control were discussed during the Chief Commissioner's visit to Kohima, and a preliminary tour through the villages close to the Dikhu was sanctioned. The result of this tour will be noticed in next year's report.
text: No attacks on any of our frontier villages were made by these tribes during the year and our relations with the nearer villages continued to be satisfactory. The internal condition of these tribes is however far from good and our frontier in this part of the district cannot be considered safe until the practice of head-taking amongst these tribes is put to a stop.
text: The most serious cases reported during the year were as follows:
text: (1) The killing by Lungtung of a man of Sontak. This quarrel threatened to become a very serious one. Mr. Davis however was able to make an enquiry into the feud in April 1892. It appears that last rains Sontak killed a mithan belonging to Lungtung. As Sontak refused all the Lungtung demands for reparation, Lungtung took the law into their own hands and killed a man and a woman of Sontak. Sontak thereupon came in to Mr. Muspratt at Mokokchang and made a complaint, and asked him what they should do. They were told that they could expect no help from us and that they must shift for themselves. This they did as only eight days before Mr. Davis visited their village, they killed on the road between Noksen and Litam a man and a woman of Lungtung. As both sides were by this act on the part of Sontak pretty much on an equality from a Naga point of view, Mr. Davis ordered them to prosecute the feud no further, an order which both sides promised to obey.
text: (2) A raid by Yampong on Mazungjami. In this raid Mazungjami lost eight killed, but managed to account for twenty-five of the raiders whom they ambuscaded on their return journey.