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published - extracts on Nagas from 'Assam Administration Report'

caption: Naga Hills District
caption: Relations with Tributary States and Foreign Affairs
caption: 2. Semas
medium: reports
person: Davis/ MrInato
location: Kehivi New Killomi Lophemi Latisami Longsa Yezami Diyung R. (Doyang R.) Lazami (Lozema)
date: 1891
date: 1892
text: 27. The boundaries of the Sema political control area remained the same as in the previous year.
text: There were no cases of head-taking within the Sema political control area during the year under review, nor were there any instances in which villages outside our frontier attacked villages lying within the area of political control. Mr. Davis twice toured through the Sema country, once in July 1891 and again in December 1891. During these tours, with the exception of a riot case between the small village of Kehivi and New Killomi in which one man was killed, no serious cases were reported.
text: During the year six men of the Sema village of Lophemi and one man of Latisami were judicially tried by the subdivisional officer, Mokokchang and were sentenced to short terms of imprisonment. In the first of these cases the offenders assaulted and robbed some people of Longsa as a protest against the latter having tried to protect their own fields from spoilation. The imprisonment inflicted in this case will doubtless prove effectual in restraining the people of the more northern Sema villages from bullying their Ao neighbours, a favourite occupation of theirs in days gone by.
text: During the year Mr. Davis was, at the invitation of both parties, able to amicably settle a quarrel about land between Yezami and Inato's village. Both of these villages lie outside the boundary of the political control area and Mr. Davis would not have interfered had not both sides been ready to accept his award as a final settlement of the case.
text: The Semas in the Doyang valley, with the exception of one or two villages, were well disposed towards us and might at any time be included within the revenue-paying portion of the district. Cash, of which three years ago they had none, is now to be found in most villages, a sign that habits of trading are being developed in the country.
text: The villages immediately across the Doyang opposite Lozema supply a good deal of rice, on payment, to the guard there, and the strain on the resources of Lozema village, which was at one time rather considerable, was appreciably relieved.