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published - extracts on Nagas from 'Assam Administration Report'

caption: Naga Hills District
caption: Relations with Tributary States and Foreign Affairs
caption: 3. Eastern Angamis
medium: reports
person: Davis/ Mr
ethnicgroup: Angami <Eastern
location: Yorobami (Yarabama) Tevopetsimi
date: 1891
date: 1892
text: 28. The Eastern Angamis, with the exception of one serious case in which the villages of Yarabama and Tevopetsimi were concerned, behaved uniformly well during the year. Some of their villages furnished coolies to carry the baggage of the Kohima column of the Manipur field force from Kohima to Manipur, and the whole of their villages have sent coolies down to Nichuguard to bring up stores during the year.
text: The Eastern Angami country was visited by Mr. Davis twice, once in July in connection with the Yarabama-Tevopetsimi case, and again in September when he visited several of the villages lying in the more southern portion of the area.
text: The Tevopetsimi case was a rather serious one. Yarabama and Tevopetsimi had for some time been on bad terms about a dispute as to water. Early in July a man of Tevopetsimi who had gone down early to look at his fields, saw a small party of men of Yarabama going out to work. He at once returned to his village and having got nine other young men to join him, the ten together when down and lay in wait in the jungle just above the path, which the Yarabama men must take on their return from work. As the Yarabama men came back in the evening, they were attacked with sticks and stones by the Tevopetsimi men and one of their number was killed, being wounded in the stomach by a pointed stick. On receiving information of what had occurred, Mr. Davis at once went out to Tevopetsimi and arrested the ten men concerned in the outrage, who were tried and sentenced to various terms of imprisonment.