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published - extracts on Nagas from 'Assam Administration Report'

caption: the hills districts
caption: Historical Summary
caption: Wokha subdivision
medium: reports
ethnicgroup: Lhota
location: Wokha
date: 1875
date: 1892
date: 1893
text: 102. In 1875 a subdivision was opened at Wokha which is situated in the country of the Lhota Nagas who are separated from the Angamis by the Rengmas and Semas. The village of Wokha had on several occasions attacked survey parties sent into the hills and it was determined to occupy the site to secure our position there. The Lhotas have no connection with the Angamis who do not pass through their country in visiting the plains. This tract has been in charge of a tahsildar since 1859 when the Mokokchang subdivision was formed, as the Lhotas had by that time become so amenable to authority that it was considered unnecessary any longer to retain a European officer in their midst.