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caption: the hills districts
caption: Historical Summary
caption: Mokokchang subdivision
medium: reports
ethnicgroup: Ao
location: Mokokchang
date: 1889
date: 1892
date: 1893
text: 103. The boundaries of the Naga Hills district were gazetted in 1882 and the only change since that date has been the inclusion in 1889 of the cis-Dikhu tract of country inhabited by the Ao Nagas. The reasons for this step were the difficulty of protecting the Aos from raids by trans-Dikhu tribes unless a garrison was permanently established in their midst, and the fact that the leading Ao villages had petitioned the Deputy Commissioner for their incorporation in British territory. The necessary measures were successfully carried out and the tract in question is now known as the Mokokchang subdivision of the Naga Hills district.